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05-11-2003, 21:31
My son and I plan to hike for a week from Damascus to Adkins, VA. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me about leaving a vehicle in Damascus and also Adkins, or somewhere near where the trail comes down by the motel along I-81. We plan to have 2 vehicles one at each end but finding a safe place to park is what we need. Would gladly pay a few bucks a day for parking in a safe place for the week. Please let me know if anyone knows if anything is available.

I thru-hiked in 99, but then I did not have to worry about parking so this is new for me. Thanks for your help....

Ed (Never Alone)AT99

Lone Wolf
05-11-2003, 21:44
You could park at my place free. I live in Damascus. And I could pick you up in Atkins when you're done. I don't know of any parking near the trail in Atkins. When are you planning the trip?

Hammock Hanger
05-11-2003, 22:33
Just as you come out onto the road in Adkins there is a restaurant to your right. They service truckers and have a large lot. If you call and inquire they may let you park there.
Cumbow's Country Store Restaurant

Hope this helps. Hammock Hanger

05-11-2003, 22:59
Looks like Lone Wolf might have you covered, but just in case you do the 2 car thing, here is some information.

LW left this info on Mount Rogers Outfitters in Damascus: "They also provide shuttles and safe parking. They are very hiker friendly. Phone# 276-475-5416 for more info and prices."

I'm not sure if the Village Motel (276-783-5811) allows parking, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

The number for Cumbows Restaurant is 276-686-4759. If these numbers aren't correct, let us know.

The Mt. Rogers Vis. Center used to allow parking, but they close the gates to the lot after hours. This is about 11 mi. S of Atkins.

05-14-2003, 22:12
Thanks for the replys on the parking at Damascus and Atkins. I did call Cumbows Restaurant and was told I could park in their parking lot. So I think we will leave on vehicle in Damascus, and the other in Atkins. It depends on the weather then which direction we will hike. If it is nice and clear and expected to stay that way for a few days, we will hike northbound from Damascus and enjoy the Grayson Highlands in clear weather. I have hiked that section 2 times and have yet to make it through without rain and thunderstorms. It was still beautiful and one of my favorite areas in the south. My plans are actually to hike from Damascus to Bland in about 7 or 8 days, however I am not sure if my son will be up to it, since he has only hiked 1 section of the AT before, and it was from Roan Mt, to Damascus last year. At any rate, I am sure he can make it to Atkins, and if we decide to go farther we will get one vehicle and move it up to Bland and then hike from Bland to Atkins...

Lone Wolf thanks for the offer of parking at your place, and I may do that if it is ok. However since we have the 2 vehicles we would not need a shuttle. Also, HH and Groucho thanks for the information about Atkins, the phone number is correct for Cumbows but since I never called the Motel I cannot confirm if it is correct.

Thanks for all the help and I do appreciate it very much.
Happy Trails.....

Ed (Never Alone)AT99