View Full Version : Plug for December Virgin Island Primitive Skills Week: "Bush Skills"

Tha Wookie
11-02-2006, 20:11

I remembered some of you might be interested in the Dec. 9-16th Bush Skills week. The deadline for refundable registration is in two weeks on November 14th. It will be on a 200-acre organic permaculture farm in the VI's led by Scott Jones, Veronica Gordon, Russell Cutts, and other local island bush/medicine/fishermen.

You can check it out at http://www.visfi.org/cms/index.php/programs/bushskills.

Here's the registraion form (http://www.visfi.org/programs/VISFI_Registration.pdf) if you'd like register or see all the other upcoming programs too. We have created a flexible sliding scale for partial work/pay trade. Contact me to ask if you want to know more at [email protected], or if you need help with travel arrangements.


Nate (TW)