View Full Version : Parson Branch Road closed for a year?

11-05-2006, 17:58
I was told today by a park ranger that Parson Branch Road is closed for about a year due to the storms about a month ago! Has anybody been up that way? Is it that bad?

Frolicking Dinosaurs
11-05-2006, 18:18
I don't think it has been reopened since the flooding in 2004, but I may be mistaken. I describe what we saw in this prior thread about the road: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18058

11-05-2006, 21:27
I spend a pretty good amount of time in and around Cade's Cove.
The road past the mill leads to a parking area for the trailhead to Gregory Bald.....the road is open to that point.....But Parson's Branch which runs from that point to 129 has been (to my knowledge) closed since the hurricanes several years ago. The road has been "washed away" by the heavy flooding caused by the hurricanes and with the limited money that is given to the park it may be a long time before the road is reopened.
Just this year (2006) many forset service roads have reopened which had been closed for the same reason, by the same storms.

Perhaps.......if enough people were to contact the Park Headquarters and inquire about the road it would be given more attention.