View Full Version : Time to paddle.....

05-12-2003, 23:35
OK my friends, leaving Wednesday for Assateague /Chiconteatgue and a few places in between to ply the sea kayak.....and yes, she that rocks my world, quivers my flesh, and presses my lungs is supposed to go...so wish us luck in this endeavor, so many of you know what it could be and your prayers are heart-felt....I would give a trip report when I get back but I probably will reserve that for paddling.net but if per chance a hike anywhere near the AT happens along you know I will give full account... Sorry I wont meet any of you at TrailDays but there is always the future and who knows it is on the way so maybe an hour in Damascus???? But if I dont you know I still care.
Medicine Man

05-13-2003, 08:36
Good luck, man. Have a good time and I hope everything works out great for you. - Deb