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05-14-2003, 12:36
Any thoughts on a very lightweight but high strength twine/cable for keeping bears, mice, raccoons, etc, from staying out of my food.

'preciate it.

Blue Jay
05-14-2003, 13:10
I'm not sure it would be worth the weight. I could be wrong but, I've never heard of an animal chewing through the rope. Usually they "snag the bag", by climbing higher and jumping down onto the bag or branch. A better choice, since you're willing to carry a little extra weight might be a kayaker's dry bag. Bears can smell food for miles, so if you can cut down on the odor range or smell less than another food bag, it could only help. That has worked well for me (knock on wood).

05-14-2003, 17:00
what I use is stripped 550 cord (p-cord without the 7 inner threads)

another recommended cord to use is flat shoe lace cord or some kevlar wire pulling tape

avoid stuff like triptease cord - when pulling your bag up where the cord is over a branch the cord can cut into the bark and the tree sap can glue your bag in the up position

05-14-2003, 17:33
thanks Hog on Ice for info, great call name also.

01-12-2004, 16:03
Also to keep animals and other critters off your bear bag, if you hang your bag over the rope you tie between the two trees then you can place a cd above your bag on the rope. Squirrels will jump hit the cd and it will deflect them from the food bag. Another thing with using a dry bag is moth balls, when you go to seal the dry bag, line the opening with moth balls and it will help to kill the food scent.