View Full Version : getting anxious

11-10-2006, 17:35
Well I hate to say it but I thought I was hired at the out fitter but that fell through,what a bummer.Im thinking of buying a go lite back pack and going as lite as possible next year,are go lites good back packs.Cant wate till hiking season,I guess Im getting anxious already.Well its good to get ready early,Because us hikers must conqure all that gets in our way. get ready to hike on next year all hikers. got to go sicerly underground.

11-10-2006, 22:13
My new hiking partner has a couple of Golite packs and he likes them. I think he has an older Trek (very large pack) and a newer Jam pack (medium size). Neither of these packs has any sort of frame -- he uses his sleeping pad inside as a sort-of virtual frame. With a light enough load, it seems to work pretty well.

Good luck, dude, we're pulling for you.

11-11-2006, 03:31
I'd be careful to keep your weight under 25 lbs. :-?
I prefer a good pack. :)
And carry more comforts more comfortably.;)