View Full Version : Hammock...food bag?

David S.
05-18-2003, 01:03
In my quest to hike the AT someday, I have recently purchased a Hennessy hammock. I love it! I'm just a little concerned about being easy prey....i.e...attractive "food bag" for bears. At least one side of me is protected when Im on the ground in a tent or shelter. Honestly I'm not that worried, but, you never know. As long as a bear doesn't like the way I smell I should be ok right? Thoughts? This has probably been discussed before so forgive me if thats the case. David S.

05-18-2003, 05:18
Nervous about looking like a burrito at lunch counter height? :D

Considering that bears have entered shelters and tents are little more then tissue paper to them you arent in any more danger then anyone else. Run a clean camp and keep your food bag a hundred feet away and you will be fine. Bears are interested in ham sandwiches, not manwiches...

If you really want to avoid the bears dont eat and camp at the same spot. Stay as far away from shelters and common campsites as you can. Bears can literally smell you cooking a mile away. They also know where food bags and trash can be easily found.

Oh and dont forget that toothpaste and deoderant smell like candy to them.