View Full Version : How bad do your feet hurt?

David S.
05-18-2003, 01:18
I'm just curious, as a thru-hiker, how bad do your feet hurt after an average day in the more up and down sections of the trail. Rate from 1 to 10 with 1 being no pain to 10 being hobbling along, wincing with every step and major pain in the morning.

I have very flat feet so I can expect to have some pain. I am curious as to whats normal to expect on average....if there is such a thing. Please describe the nature of the "average" or "normal" pain you experienced in your feet. Thanks! David S.

05-18-2003, 08:14
My worst foot pain didn't occur while hiking (excluding occasional blisters) it occured in the morning or after long breaks when I would have to walk off stiffness. After an extra long day of hiking, say approaching 25 miles, my feet would be sore. I'd rate the pain at 3-4. In the morning it was closer to 6 but it was more sore than pain. I was definitly hobbled for a while, I'd say it felt like my tendons had shrunk and stiffened. Usually it took at least an average walk to a privy and back to get my normal gait back. During the day it helped to take my breaks with my feet slightly elevated or at the least with my legs stretched out. After hiking I would often take a short nap with my legs on my backpack. Foot massages also felt great.

05-18-2003, 16:01
My feet only hurt on the longest days,
when doing over 15 miles. By the end
of the day they were glad to get into
flip-flops and set up camp, get water
and cook.
By the next morning they always were
ready to go again. I usually took a low
miles day after a really long day, when

When you start out try to avoid blisters.
Go easy on the mileage the first week.
I used thin liner socks inside thicker wool
hiking socks and got virtually no blisters.
OK, a couple of rice crispies, which were
easily handled. Within a week they were

I saw some NASTY 1/2 dollar sized
blisters at Walasi-Yi. The hiker tried to
go on, but didn't last to Franklin, NC.
Overall my feet held up well for the 3
months I was out, but mine aren't flat.


05-19-2003, 11:13
No to little pain while walking throughout the day with the exception of road walks. The flat hard surface killed me. However, those first few steps to the tree in the morning were agonizing. Nothing funnier than to watch a thru hiker jump down from the top bunk in the morning.