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11-15-2006, 14:26
I thought I had to write another post after reading responses to my last post.I do hike on my desabilty check,I am scesophrinic,but on my medicine I have no symptoms.My medicine costs around 10,000 dollars a year,If I were to work full time likely I would have no medicine coverage,so if I would work with no medicine I would more then likely go back to being sick.My case manager and doctor thinks my hiking escapades are benefical and good therapy for my mental health.My foot dosent hurt now but once and a while it does,I hiked for six weeks this year on the A.T,My foot was sore the whole time but it didnt get to the point of not walking on it till six weeks.If I take iboprofin and take it easy,plus go lite weight with my gear I should be able to last six to eight weeks maybe longer.But my case manager wants me to take one year off ,so I can get a work referance and save money for my next trip.I know the applacian trail is a recreation trail,but when your on the trail for a couple monthes or more I dont feel like its a recreation trail but more of a exspadition,so my mom agrees.I find the trail to be tuff and a lot of hard work,All the through hikers that leave the trail know hard it is,I woulded think a lot of them would fell like it was weekend recreation,because I sure dont.My case manager asked me if it is so tuff why do you keep trying,I said thats exsactly why I do it because it is tuff and sometimes it seems so impossible,but its a fete in its self and its my dream to finnish the A.T. Im sorry if I afended any one,didnt mean to. Got to go,thank you for reading this. sincerly underground.

Jim Adams
11-15-2006, 14:30
it is hard work but the woods and mountains are definitely therapy!
good luck with your hike.


11-15-2006, 14:55
Nathan, You really do have a "no-win" situation when you have to choose between being self-supporting and having coverage for your meds. Aren't there any employers who will give you medicine coverage? A friend of mine who works for Payless told me that they give pretty good benefits even to part-time employees.

Schizophrenia is a terribly mean disease. I've seen what it can do to people, even the best and the brightest, and to their families. Good for you for beating it, day by day.

I still think being able to work (and building a good reference history) is a worthwhile goal, even if it means you need to put your Appalachian Trail dreams on hold for a while, as many other people have to do. But I know things are complicated for you. If I may, I'll say a prayer that you find the best possible solution for you and have peace with whatever you decide. If I can offer advice... just have lots of patience with the people who are trying to help you, even if they don't understand how important the AT is to you. They have to deal with the "real world" and that's not always fun.

11-15-2006, 15:03
from one nathan to another, my prayers are with you...

11-15-2006, 15:06
You didn't offend anyone Nathan. I have confidence that between talking to you family and your case manager, you'll figure this out. Good luck!

Blue Jay
11-15-2006, 15:17
There is always a way. Keep searching and you will find it. Take whatever job you can and hold it as long as you can, saving as much as you can. Sooner or later a hole in the fence will be appear and you'll be on our beloved trail again. This has worked time and time again for me and it will for you.:welcome

The Weasel
11-15-2006, 15:24

Stay on the trail. This forum is filled with people of all ages, and people of every kind of situation - married and not, old and young, employed and not, and whatever (including no small number of people who were disabled in some fashion, including me) - and the one common question people pose is, "Should I hike?" And the common answer from all of us who have done much of it is, "If you think you should, then we agree." That's what is really meant by "HYOH". Not "pick the kind of gear you want," or "eat the food you think tastes best," but HIKE YOUR OWN HIKE. If you think you should be hiking, don't let others tell you not to.

See you on the Trail, one day, I hope.

The Weasel

11-16-2006, 16:25
Hey Nathan,

I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way on the other thread. I have no idea what you face everyday and how it must be to face your challenges. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope that you are able to find peace in your life and fulfill your dreams. Never give up!


11-16-2006, 20:09
And now you know where you can hang out with all us other trail enthusiasts! :D You are one of us, and hopefully we will ALL be back on the trail:banana ....SOON!:o :sun

11-16-2006, 23:27
Hey, I'm one too. Let's go hiking. :)

Actually, I've done a lot better with the head nonsense while out on the trail than I have at home. I'm going out in the wee A.M., about 4.5 hours from now, hiking about 50 miles of the Foothills Trail. Then on the night after Thanksgiving, I'm gonna start the whole thing with a few guys.

I may not be more sane on the trail, but the un-sanity bothers me less. Does that make any sense?