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11-15-2006, 18:17
Now that I am settling in a bit, time to get busy on
the Rockies Ruck 2007!

There have always been Gatherings, Rucks, Kick Offs
and Trail Days on the East and West coasts.... many of
us here in Rockies felt it was time to do one in our
neck of the mountains. In 2005 and 2006 we

The Ruck is a low key get together for those who enjoy
the long trails. Does not matter if you are
thru-hiker, a section hiker, day
hiker or a dreamer...you just need to love the
outdoors and the long

More info on what a Ruck is all about:

This year, we are again having the Ruck at the
Leadville Hostel (http://www.leadvillehostel.com) in
Leadville, CO on Feb 23-25th, the last weekend of

Some of you CDTers/CTers and American Discovery Trail
folks probably know Wild Bill and Cathy from your stay
at the hostel. Saw them again this year in Sept and
they are very excited to be hosting us
again this year!

As with last year, the cost will be ~$60 for a bunk,
shower, four meals (2 dinners, 2 dinners. We'll do a
potluck lunch). There are LIMITED amounts of
private/couple rooms, so if you prefer a room to
a bunk, suggest reserving early.

All reservations can be done at:

You can also make reservations at:
(719) 486-9334

Tell Bill that it is for the ROCKIES RUCK. The hostel
can accomodate vegeterian needs. Pets are allowed.
"Adult drinks" are allowed for
those who behave like adults. (Which means, I can
drink my wine! :D)

The hostel itself has a HUGE TV for the slide shows,
plenty of space downtstairs for gear stuff. If you
are doing a trail, there are AT, PCT, CDT and other
trail veterans happy to answer any questions.

During the day, plenty of skiing/snowshoeing
oppurtunities abound. There is even a shop in
Leadville that rents the equipment, too. For
anyone who enjoys alpine skiing, Ski Cooper is nearby
at Tenn Pass. If you need supplies, Leadville has a

Photos from last year at:

Any more questions? Please e-mail me at pmags AT
yahoo.com (replace the AT with an @)

Also suggest going to the Yahoo Group set up for the
ruck at:

11-15-2006, 18:24
Well be there ...and Congrats on completing the Tripple Crown !!

'Slogger and BadAss Turtle