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action potential
11-17-2006, 17:38
I saw my first bear at the Mt. Pleasant trail head (GW national forest) and it was quite the site! Me and my friend were chatting by the tree swings at around 6:00 pm. I asked my friend a question and he replied "Bear!", and as I turned around and beautiful black bear was running through the field about 20 ft away from us, he took one look at us and bolted up the hill.

He looked to be around 140 lbs, and was truely graceful as he was running, very fast might I add. I know they are not anything to joke around with, but it was a great experience to see one that close, and I totally have even more respect for them and their wild surroundings. It put me in my place that weekend and reminded me to respect everything when you are in the woods because it's someone else's home. It's funny, because none of the other 15+ campers that were getting ready in the field saw the bear, they were all doing something else at the time, yet he was very close to everyone the whole time!

And to top that off, later I went to grab an apple from the tree up the hill, and saw a family of three white tail deer. Very imressive and elegant.

11-17-2006, 17:53
That's cool...That'll always get your blood pumping no matter how close or far away you are.

11-17-2006, 18:30
Bear season is this weekend here in PA. I understand they have more bears then usual this year so have extended the season so that archery has 2 extra days for bear. Be careful out there this weekend and don't wear black! (let's hope it rains so the hunters will stay in their pickups)

11-17-2006, 19:59
On our (my family) way back from Winding Stair Gap after a rainy backpacking trip last weekend, we were making our way towards Franklin, NC on HWY 64 E. Then, out of nowhere, a black bear came out into the road only to meet my brother in a truck traveling at 55 mph. The bear lost. It's a wonder my brother didn't as the collison sent his truck into a sideways spin down 64 in the opposite lane.

Luckily, his truck didn't turn over, and even more fortunatley no one was in the other lane. However, the truck was undrivable as the radiator was pushed into the fan.

After my brother changed his underwear, we called the Hwy Patrol to file report. The officer said that while hitting bears are uncommon, he did say that this bear was the 4th one killed that week on 64. He attributed these recent accidents to the active bear season.

11-17-2006, 23:12
khaynie, that's awful. I'm glad no one in your family was hurt, and sorry about the bear. That kind of wreck could have had a very different outcome.

11-18-2006, 08:16
Thanks. You're right...there cold have been a lot of different/worse outcomes. We were very, very lucky.

11-20-2006, 01:49
That Sucks ! It sucks for the bear and it sucks for your brothers truck.
This time of the year is tough on the bear and is usually when we see more of them being killed on the roads. If a black bear isn't looking in the direction of your vehicle at night it is almost impossible to see as it runs into the road...which considering the mountain roads here makes for a dangerous encounter for everyone involved.

11-21-2006, 16:13

Bear Attack in Virginia:
This came out on the 20th of November:

UNDATED (AP) -- The condition of a hunter from Grottoes (GRAH\'-tohs) was upgraded to \"good\" over the weekend after he was mauled by a 600-pound black bear.

Sixty-year-old Thurman Hensley was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery Friday afternoon. He was initially listed in \"fair\" condition. U-V-A officials upgraded that to \'good\' condition, but wouldn\'t say last night when Hensley might be released.

The attack occurred Friday morning on private land Grottoes, while Hensley and three friends were hunting on the last day of muzzleloading season for bear.

An Augusta County sheriff\'s deputy says Hensley shot the bear then approached it, thinking it was dead. That\'s when the bear attacked him. Two of his friends shot and killed it.

Hospital officials say the bear injured Hensley on several areas of his body, but would not elaborate.

The sheriff\'s department says the bear would be tested for rabies.

11-21-2006, 18:57
Thanks, NewB, for posting this. I'd been wondering where in Virginia there would be a 600-pound bear other than in the Shenandoah.--Kinnickinic

11-21-2006, 20:46
Grottoes is in easy bear forage range from SNP

11-21-2006, 22:37
I guess if you're gonna see a 600 pound bear right about this time of year would be as good as any...after putting on weight for winter.

Sounds like a bear going about its business....a man shoots it and the bear has the chance to show some gratitude back to the hunter.

Hunter error.....He should have known better especially with a bear of that size.

11-22-2006, 08:51
They were hunting bear with black powder. As far as I'm concerned if you go and hunt an animal you shouldn't complain if it fights back.