View Full Version : new item to be carried

11-17-2006, 20:00
what if all trail hikers, day and thru, were givin free trash manegment items to carry at all places along the trail that do buisness? a hiker could choose to take as many or as few as they like. their could be a hiker broom. trash bags . bags of leaves for the privys. wet wipes to clean toilet seats. all disposable. all ment to be used between nearest two trash can oppertunitys. a hiker could choose to carry a 8 oz broom to a shelter, sweep it and leave it if needed or throw it out or burn it. and the same for the other choices. a trash bag that holds a pound or two to be carryied only to the next can.IF a hiker feels like doing a good deed, they can at their leisure without waste or cost. for 500$ worth of stuff, we could have 50 points to distribute things for a season. and in taking the items the hiker would agree to cause no harm. maby we should hike with trail tools for detrashing .