View Full Version : Katahdin Report

TJ aka Teej
05-20-2003, 09:33
The AT on Katahdin was still not open as of yesterday, and will remain closed until at least this weekend. On Sunday the 18th, I was allowed to climb past the "Class IV Trail Head Closed" sign to check trail conditions. The Ranger predicted that snow would clog the trail at about 3100' just below 'The Cave' where the AT edged close to the Witherle Ravine, and that's exactly where I found snow and ice blocking the trail. Those Baxter Park rangers know their stuff! The nearby Abol Slide trail is expected to open this week, allowing hikers to climb up to Baxter Peak.
The Maine woods are tinder dry, the forest fire danger rating is 'high,' and there were at least four forest fires over the weekend. Hurd Brook, the first ford in the 100 Mile Wilderness for ME>GA hikers, was an easy rock-hop on the 15th. Not many black flies or mosquitos to content with, but that'll change in the next few weeks.
Two Southbound hikers have started their Through-hikes from Baxter State Park so far. Good luck and happy trails to "Bruiser" and "Chameleon"!