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11-20-2006, 22:04
In the last three years that I hiked the A.T. I met a thousand people,that had something in common with me.The will to endure,we all had a dream,the will to try,scale the next hill,and soak the rain apond our eye brows,and forward we would go.The shivering cold and still we fix our breakfest,and with a gulp our coffe is gone,in a atempt to warm and wake up.With stiffing museles and sore bones,we put on our packs,and on we go.We know theres more hills over yonder,and miles and miles to go.For some of you this may be a religous exsperience,for me the hike and the pepole reach my soul.In a way hikeing is a pilgrimage for me,I beleave god helps me on my way.Ive never completed anything in my life,but hiking the A.T.and the P.C.T.are my goals,and I will complet the trails and be someone in my own heart.Till the time comes that I hike again,someday I will see you all on the trail. THANK YOU. sncerly underground.

11-20-2006, 22:14
See you on the path Underground.

11-21-2006, 07:23
One thing long distance hiking teaches you...

is to watch your step....