View Full Version : Looking for Ann....

Trail Yeti
11-21-2006, 21:28
hey all you '06ers. I got a package back in the mail today that I had forwarded for Ann (no trail name, just Ann). I sent it to Harpers Ferry, from Waynesboro....and she never picked it up. If anyone knows how I can contact Ann or Ann if you're on here....I would appreciate it.
Thanks y'all, happy turkey day, and happy hiking!

Jack Tarlin
11-21-2006, 21:49
I've been looking for her for years.

But for contact info, you can start with: www.anncoulter.com :D

Lone Wolf
11-21-2006, 21:50
jack is one funny mofo!:D too lazy for caps. me.

Trail Yeti
11-26-2006, 16:56
Jack, you are such a smart a$$!!! How's Yankee land?