View Full Version : anyone free today-thurs

11-27-2006, 11:45
Hey, my first seminar for the week was canceled, now i have thru thurs open. Anyone else free and want to go for a hike? I live in winston-salem, so i'm up for anywhere in south west va and nc.
let me know


PJ 2005
11-27-2006, 15:18
have something against tennessee? :confused:

Gray Blazer
11-27-2006, 15:26
have something against tennessee? :confused:.....besides being gator bait??:sun

11-27-2006, 15:53
I'd love to, but I have this little thing called, um, "work." But hey, one spectacular spur-of-the-moment solo winter trip is on tap for you right now. Go! The weather is unseasonably warm, it's not supposed to rain before Friday, and you have four days. Go! Head up to Damascus and get Lonewolf to drive you up the trail 30 or 40 miles and start walking. Go!

Just wear lots of blaze orange.

11-27-2006, 16:36
no i don't have anything against tennessee, i was just being forgetful.

yeah i know everyone has work, I was just hoping that maybe someone was free.

11-27-2006, 16:50
Girl, what are you doing on this computer. Get out there and hike if you've got the time, I would, but I'm in school as you well know. Maybe if our spring breaks work out, we can go somewhere and hike. Maybe start at Springer? Springer fever will be in full swing then. My spring break is from 3/30 thru
4/9. Easter is the 9th. If you want to do something the first week of April, say the 1st thru the 5th, let me know.

11-27-2006, 17:09
make it a weekend and you've got a deal. I've been in Winston almost a year now, hiking plans have fallen through, and I still haven't hiked a single mile in the area. It's embarassing.