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05-29-2003, 17:14
I rolled into Agua Dulce (mile 454) yesterday,in the midst of 103 degree heat. A wee bit parched. The San Gabriels are done, and nowI have the Mojave to deal with. Heat is supposed to remain high for a while in the future. 250 miles to the Sierras and cooler temperatures.

I'm hiking with several fomer AT hikers. Little 5'4" Glory Cummings (Sassafras, AT 02) is making me feel like a weakling hiker, even after putting in a 30 mile day. The hiker heaven here in town is remarkable. Internet, phone, laundry, beds, cars, and tons of information are provided by the Saufley's for the hikers.

I've run down the tail end of the main pack, who left 2 weeks before I set out. Still, there are probably 20 hikers here. Lots of folks are yellow blazing through the more difficult sections and with the heat, it should increase. Supposedly, things were much more crowded just a few days ago.

Life is good,and when I get back I'll post some pics,including
one of a burger 8 inches high.

05-30-2003, 08:52
Good to hear from you, Chris. Happy trails!

05-30-2003, 09:00
Thanks for the trip report.....sounds like you are really enjoying yourself...look forward to more updates when you have the opportunity!