View Full Version : can't decide, TNF Cat's Meow or Snowshoe

Big Dawg
12-04-2006, 12:16
I know this is more a personal preference, but just wanted some feedback from anyone who've used these 2 bags, or just have something to say regarding this issue. I sleep warm, don't mind using clothing layers when needed, hike mostly fall/winter/spring, and own a 35-degree TNF Flight. During my trips in the past decade, the lowest temp I've camped in was about 10 degrees. I've used a heavy Slumberjack oversized 0 degree bag in the past, but need to upgrade my cold weather bag b/c of my new smaller, light weight pack. Weight/packed size between the 2 is no big deal to me. I'd get the Snowshoe to cover all bases (coldest weather), but don't want to overdo it and get a bag that keeps me too warm (0-deg Snowshoe),,,,, but also hate to get a bag that's not too far off from my existing TNF Flight rating (20-deg Cat's Meow), and end up w/ a bag that doesn't have low enough rating as my winter bag. What's you opinion?

Lone Wolf
12-04-2006, 12:21
How about Campmor's 20 deg. down bag now for $109.97. I own one. Nice bag.

PJ 2005
12-04-2006, 15:31
I love my cat's meow. Best balance of price/weight/warmth imo... but I've never used the other.

Big Dawg
12-04-2006, 19:13
How about Campmor's 20 deg. down bag now for $109.97. I own one. Nice bag.

I'm allergic to down.:(

12-04-2006, 20:59
My son Paul Bunyan loves his. Had to get used to it being a little more confining mummy-wise compared to his old cheapie one, but has decided he likes it very much.

It was either a toss up between the Meow and the MH Lamina and I got him the Meow. Campmor has a good price on it.