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12-04-2006, 16:25
I noticed on the ALDHA web site that the 2007 gathering is going to be in Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA. It was a whole lot more convenient for me when it was in Hanover, NH. Does anyone know the reason for the move of location?

It is a long way for me to go but I will probably try to get there anyway unless I am otherwise occupied. Is it generally doable to get rides from Northern New England down to the mid atlantic region for these gatherings? Is there a bus service to that area? AN airport near by? I think the educational value of ALDHA gatherings is priceless so it is worth some effort to get there if I can.

Does an ALDHA gathering necessarily have to happen on the trail? Couldn't we still do this at any college regardless of how far from the AT it is? Or at the facilities of some summer camp?

Lone Wolf
12-04-2006, 16:31
Dartmouth was offering less services for more money plus Gettysburg is centrally located.

12-04-2006, 16:45
Does an ALDHA gathering necessarily have to happen on the trail? Couldn't we still do this at any college regardless of how far from the AT it is? Or at the facilities of some summer camp?

Pipestem/Concord College/Folklife center aren't on the trail. However I think it should close as there's usually a work trip and others like to hike some.

You need some place that will have facilities for 500 or so with an ample amount of workshops, auditorium/conference room, a cafeteria for cheap meals AND camping.

A summer camp may fulfill some of those needs, but not likely all. The much smaller ALDHA West usually relies on summer camps, but they only get about 100 attendees.

If you know of a place that fits the above criteria, give a shout.

Jack Tarlin
12-04-2006, 17:57

The location of the Gathering changes every year, which is a good thing.....if it was always in New England, it'd be difficult for southerners and mid-westerners to get there each year. If it was always down south, then the reverse would be true. A central location (like Gettysburg) will mean most folks will have around the same distance to drive, making next year's event attractive to more people, which is good; when the Gathering was held in Carlisle PA some years back it was the best atended Gathering in years, maybe ever, so hopefully the 2007 event in Gettysburg will be a repeat of this.

There will undoubtedly be New England people driving down next October; here at WB is a good place to look for them, and a ride. That way people can get there; they'll have good company on the trip; and travel expenses can be shared.

As to your last question, the two main criteria for the event are proximity to a cooperating (and inexpensive!) college, so we have use of auditoriums, meeting rooms, dining facilities, etc; plus we need a good place to camp close by that can acomodate a large group. (That's why for many years the evnt pretty much went back anf forth between Hanover NH and Pipestem WV). Traditionally, the event has always been held on or close to the Trail or a Trail town, at least it has been for the decade I've been in ALDHA. It's a trail-related event so having it close to the Trail is a good thing; plus, there is usuallly a Trail-related "work trip" at some point ewvery year; would be kinda hard to do this if the event was held in Rhode Island or Iowa.

As other people have suggested, if you can think of a good location that fits the above criteria, let someone in ALDHA know, like Blister or Jester, who sit on the Board.

12-04-2006, 23:00
Gettysburg is also a cool place to go if your a civil war buff. There are all kinds of non trail related "tourist" stuff" there. I bet the "tourist stuff" is what will attract more people. After the gathering is over some people may take an additional day or two to tour the area. There are a lot a facilities for travelers in that area. Check the internet for info on the Gettysburg area. It's also close to the mid point of the trail.

I say, lets give it a try for one year and see how it goes. If it dosen't work out we don't have to go back there again.
And most important it is closer to where I live....:banana