View Full Version : Rainshawdow2 vs Squall2

12-04-2006, 23:15
We've narrowed our selection down to the two captioned Tarptents. We are section hikers and have completed the trail from Springer to Harpers Ferry. Next year we plan to complete Maryland and Pensylvania. We always hike during October and generally stay in shelters but carry a tent for emergencies. We use down bags so are always concerned about condensation. We like our space. We chose the collective trail name Rainmaker because it aways rains when we are out; so we want a shelter that protects us and our gear. Of the two , which would you choose?

Frolicking Dinosaurs
12-04-2006, 23:24
The Rainshadow is larger and weighs only 7 ozs more - it would be my choice for those reasons.

12-04-2006, 23:31
I have the Rainshadow 2. To give you an idea of how much space you'll have, consider the following illustration. Me, my wife, my dog, and ALL of our gear fit inside VERY comfortably. It is a palace - enjoy!

12-05-2006, 06:03
The Squall2 is roomy enough for two, though...correct?

12-05-2006, 08:41
Yes, the Squall will comfortably hold two people and some gear. The Rainshadow, however, is truly a palace for two people and all their gear. In bad weather it's nice to have everything inside, IMHO.

We bought the original Rainshadow as a 3-person family section-hiking tent. Love it -- especially when it's just my wife and me. Considering that mine weighs 38 ounces total (using a trekking pole), I am happy to carry the small weight penalty for all that room. (Compare that to the weight of many alleged "two-person" tents out there.)

12-05-2006, 22:10
Thanks y'all. We ordered our new Rainshadow2 today.