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12-05-2006, 01:55
I would like to have feed back on the type of clothes I have picked for my AT thru Hike starting on 10 March 2007. I know it may be a bit heavy but I am 71 years old and need to insure I do not get to cold on the trail and at night in camp while cooking dinner. After that I can climb into me sleeping bag.

Marmot Precip rain pants and jacket.
REI cargo pants with zip off legs.
REI long sleeve shirt with roll up and button sleeves.
Patagonia capilene1 base layer top and bottom, for the trail.
Patagonia Capilene2 base layer top and bottoms with hiking shorts for camp.
Patagonia Micro Puff jacket, mainly for camp or when I stop for lunch and such on the trail.
one pair of regular underwear. If I fine need more will purchase them on the trail.
Three pairs of wool socks with a liner that is made for people that have braces or ankle foot orthoses. They are made of coolmax with wicking and odor reducing fibers. They are made with no seams to cause problems.
Water resistance gloves.
Smart wool cuffed beanie for the trail and also at night.
Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero rain proof hat. I picked this one because the size is adjustable for when I may use it with the cuffed beanie on the trail.
OR gaiters for use during the cold weather.

I do not at this time plan to have clothes for town only. I will use my camp clothes for town use.

The winter weight clothes will be sent home when the warm weather starts and returned later when needed.

What does this list look like for a thru of the AT?

Not long not and I can hardly wait.

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12-05-2006, 02:55
The list looks good:
Is the "Patagonia Capilene2 base layer top and bottoms with hiking shorts for camp" shorts different from the zip-offs? Is so you could get by without them.

You could drop the rain hat, the precip hood should do the trick.
Bandana's are probably eltsewhere in your list, I wore one almost every day.

I recomend subbing/adding some warm pants for the start.

Heres my '05 list with some notes-
Patagonia dragonfly windbreaker- fine for summer, start with something more waterproof!
Redledge Pants- waterproof, simple, light.
Running shorts- with built in liner, made it all the way, barely
Wicking t-shirt- faired even worse then the shorts, but survived
warm base layer- medium wt top, light bottoms- didn't hike sweaty in the top to keep it dry for camp.
Heavy wt fleece pants- great for camp. heavy but worth it. I only hiked in them for a few minutes in the moring to get moving.
Puffball jacket-worth its weight in gold till it warmed up, I never hiked in it to keep it dry.
Fleece gloves- wish they were water/wind proof
socks- smartwool adrenaline, 3 pair
Fleece Hat- blaze orange and warm
Windblock fleece headband- kept my ears a bit warmer
Bandanas- for the head on warmer days carried 2 for all their functionallity

I sent home the fleece pants, puffball, and headband in pearisburg. Kept my 20 bag the whole way as insurance.

Hope this helps,