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12-06-2006, 23:00
is may too early to leave for a southbound thruhike? my plans were initially to do my nobo starting in march but i just discovered that i only have 1 semester left till i graduate with my associates. so i'm sticking it out for one more semester then doing my hike.

i love how it's nice and flexible like that, tho my heart was set on doing georgia to maine. it would've been nice to end my hike back up here in new england.

TJ aka Teej
12-06-2006, 23:13
The Hunt Trail, which is the AT up Katahdin to Baxter Peak, seldom opens before the end of May. You might find the trail open as early as May 15 when the Park opens for overnight camping, but you can't count on it. Since you're from NE, you can always start south from the foot of Katahdin in May and go back some other time to finish the last 5.2 miles - and finish on Baxter Peak!

12-07-2006, 00:55
Have you looked into taking distance learning classes?
Many can be finished in less than 6 weeks. Check adams state and wallace state couminty collages. Both have large list of classes that can be taken through mail or online.
If they offered the classes you need you could be done with classes by the end of january

12-07-2006, 04:04
Starting in May should not be a problem. You have until Oct 1st (playing it very safe) to finish. So a May 1 start would give you 5 months to finish.

Mr. Clean
12-07-2006, 05:04
Echoing TJ, you will probably have snow on Katahdin until Memorial, sometimes later. Plan on June 1st at the earliest, unless you want to go back later and hike K.

Johnny Swank
12-07-2006, 12:54
Just echoing what some other folks said - May 1 probably isn't going to happen for a Katadin start. I think that if you're in any kind of shape whatsoever you could start May 1 in Georgia and be fine as long as you were somewhat determined to not take a bunch of zeros. OTOH - you're going to be playing catch up for a couple of months until you hookup with the tail end of the crowd, so some of the social aspect of a NOBO is going to be lost.

If I were in your shoes, I'd wait till about June 10 and start a SOBO hike. You'll have more of chance to meet up with others and hike, the blackflies will get you good and stoaic for the rest of the hike, and you'll be under no time pressure whatsoever to finish. Use that extra month to get in shape and work, make more money, and dream about the hike.

12-07-2006, 15:35
thanks, the semester ends mid may but i'm in no rush for a june start date. i don't want to have to rush either to finish a nobo so that's my other frame of mind on the decision to switch.

distance learning is a no-go the classes i need to take are mostly my practicums which entails intern hours.

it's okay, one way or another i'm getting on the trail this year. [:

Johnny Swank
12-07-2006, 15:43
it's okay, one way or another i'm getting on the trail this year. [:

And that's the important thing. Don't sweat which way you're going.

12-07-2006, 16:09
Met a SOBO two seasons ago who started May 15. He said there was a little bit of snow still up there and that the Trail was still technically closed. So despite the rangers telling him he couldn't hike up, he did anyway. Glad he didn't get hurt up there or he'd be out $10K for the helicopter ride.

how about doing the PCT first and then go AT NOBO next year? that's a lot of time off, of course.

12-07-2006, 18:41
The atc describes various options.



It would cost a little more if you had to travel to the trail twice (say Harpers Ferry for going north and then also for going south), but the train is only about $80 oneway and flights from Atlanta to Boston are pretty cheap on AirTran.

12-08-2006, 01:31
I'll be leaving SOBO the first week of June. Started SOBO this past year and hiked to Dalton before cash ran out. Too bad because the body was willing, a good sign coming out of Maine,NH and Vermont.
Considered starting in Dalton just to complete the trail, but I can't miss those mountains and as was the case this year, it didn't matter how far I made it. I may finish it one day, maybe even this year, but nothing can replace simply being out there on that wonderful trail.