View Full Version : Rocky Mountain Shelters

Papa Bear
06-01-2003, 13:23
A pair of relatively new shelters. The spring is just 10 yards or so along the trail (north) to the right. The outflow crosses the trail. Don't go looking for the spring on the blue blaze trail.

Here's (http://gallery.backcountry.net/papabear_2003_HF_Duncannon/acp) a picture of the shelters.


EDIT 6/1/03: see below. I was confused about the spring. Pb

06-01-2003, 19:55
In drier seasons the water Papa Bear mentioned may be gone. There is a good piped spring 0.5 mile down the blue blaze trail to a road and then right 75yds, spring on the right.

Papa Bear
06-01-2003, 20:10
Oops! The spring just off the trail was at Deer Lick Shelters, not here. So sorry. After a bit of hiking everything runs together in my mind.

Yes Rocky Run has a spring way way down the hill to the road. It was a pain to go way down there and then find a state highway! I didn't notice anything nearby at the top of the hill.