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Papa Bear
06-01-2003, 13:23
A pair of relatively new shelters. The spring is just 10 yards or so along the trail (north) to the right. The outflow crosses the trail. Don't go looking for the spring on the blue blaze trail.

Here's (http://gallery.backcountry.net/papabear_2003_HF_Duncannon/acp) a picture of the shelters.


EDIT 6/1/03: see below. I was confused about the spring. Pb

06-01-2003, 19:55
In drier seasons the water Papa Bear mentioned may be gone. There is a good piped spring 0.5 mile down the blue blaze trail to a road and then right 75yds, spring on the right.

Papa Bear
06-01-2003, 20:10
Oops! The spring just off the trail was at Deer Lick Shelters, not here. So sorry. After a bit of hiking everything runs together in my mind.

Yes Rocky Run has a spring way way down the hill to the road. It was a pain to go way down there and then find a state highway! I didn't notice anything nearby at the top of the hill.


03-11-2020, 13:48
Is there reliable parking to the south of the shelters on Rocky Mountain Road (233)? I see a small gravel lot on Google Maps. If not there, is there a place to park a car relatively close and leave the car for a long weekend?

Thanks in advance

03-11-2020, 14:53
Not on 233. The trail follows the road for a bit there and is narrow with no shoulder. Park at the Pine Grove Funance or a few miles south on Michaux Road, space for 6 cars.

03-11-2020, 15:26
Sorry, I'm trying to hike out to Rocky Mountain Road (233) from this shelter (below) well to the south of Pine Grover Furnace. Hoping to find parking close


Thank you

03-11-2020, 15:42
So, when you get to PA233, Pine Grove Furnace is another 0.3 miles and is where all the facilites are located.

03-12-2020, 00:40
The AT crosses rt 233 twice in Pennsylvania (also confusing, this seems to be posted in Maryland). The northern crossing (where the AT follows the road a short distance, is near Pine Grove Furnace. The southern crossing, which is close to Mont Alto/South Mountain/Caledonia State Park, is the one near the shelters mentioned.

There'd be good safe parking at Caledonia, but I have a suspicion you need a parking spot south of the shelter, not north. There is space for 1-2 cars at the southern 233 crossing, but that wouldn't be reliable. There is plenty of space where the Racoon Run Tr crosses 233 just to the east; not sure if parking is allowed there, or if recommended for overnight.

Perhaps you should contact Michaux State Forest for help; another idea would be checking with the Forest-owned/privately run gold course nearby.

03-12-2020, 09:34
We left my friends car there for a single night last fall. We got there pretty early to insure a spot. I was told later that day that four cars managed to squeeze into the area. By the time we returned the following morning it was just my friends car there. I guess it fills up with day hikers pretty quick.

03-12-2020, 11:06
Thank you Aegis

10-05-2020, 08:11
The parking spot near the trail is no longer there. When my friend arrived to leave his car it was barreled off. When I arrive to pickup my friend there was a white work truck taking up the whole space and several people working back up away from the spot. I later saw an electric meter had been installed so I'm guessing that a business is going to be constructed there.

A family arrived and was scoping out the blocked off area sometime later but later moved a bit farther down and turned up the gas/utility (?) right away and left their vehicle parked there. We couldn't find any spot that we thought was safe/legal to park.

The shelters were in good shape and unlike the privy at Deer Lick which was screwed shut with a thick board, the privy at Rocky Mountain had a large rock in front of the door and a paper sign saying it was closed due to Covid. I'm not sure what the inside was like as I didn't need to use it.