View Full Version : Planning Maine Section Hike for July

Papa Bear
06-01-2003, 21:14
I'm planning a week's trip to Maine soon after the 4th of July:

Day 1: Day hike the AT from South Arm Road to Route 17 (Old Blue / Bemis)
and bag Elephant along the way. About 15 miles including bushwhack. Stay in Andover.

Day 2 - 7. Backpack the AT from Stratton to Monson. About 72 miles.
Tentative schedule:

2) Highway 27 to Safford Notch campsite: 10.4 miles (The Bigelows: Horn, West, Avery)
3) Safford Notch cs to West Carry Lean-to: 12.2 miles (Little B, Roundtop)
4) West Carry L-t to Pierce Pond Lean-to: 10.0 miles
5) Pierce Pond L-t to Pleasant Pond Lean-to. Stop at Caratunk for
maildrop: 10.3 miles (cross Kenebec)
6) Pleasant Pond L-t to Moxie Bald Lean-to: 13.1 miles (Moxie Bald Mt.)
7) Moxie Bald L-t to Monson: 16.6 miles (Very easy hiking).

Any special points of interest or suggestions? I love side trails.

Working on shuttles as we speak. Any ideas for that?