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TJ aka Teej
06-09-2003, 22:16
Hiyas -
I was called home to tend to some family stuff, nothing dramatic - no one's ill or injured. I'll be on the trail by Weds.
Katahdin - 70 MEGAs have started as of 6/6. The AT on Katahdin opened 5/24.
Caratunk - Saw Paul and Bailey getting ready to shuttle some hikers - nice guy, great dog. A nobo has swum the Kennebec, trying for a 90 day "through-hike." The MATC gave the Kennebec ferry contract to the *highest* bidder. Locals had bid several thousand dollars less than NOC, but weren't awarded the contract. I guess it's better to pay a corporation $14,500 than to pay local hiker-friendly folks $8500. On the day I was there, the kid sent to paddle hikers across was 90 minutes late.
Pleasant Pond lean-to had two soaked MEGAs, BascoMan and BlueGrassHopper. They reported rain, mud, and bugs. No mountain top views since Katahdin.
Monson - Had good visits with all three providers. Keith Shaw had 3 heart attacks in one day over the winter, but is too stubborn to die. He was in typical good spirits, showing me a basket full of medications the doctors are having him take, and joking about it all. The Pie Lady has been in poor health too, but will stay open all season while putting her place on the market. Sydney had eight folks staying over on Saturday. BigBird told me the trail was wet, the fords tough, and friendly folk were all around. Young Keith and the Pie Lady were both taking hikers into and out of the 100 mile. Lake Shore House is classier than ever, still the nicest laundromat on the trail <g>. Bob showed me the latest improvements, and talked about his plans for more. New site: www.lakeshore-house.com
The blackflies and mosquitos are out, three nights in a tent aren't enough, that $24,000 cabin in Millinocket looks tempting, and we should build a footbridge over the Kennebec.

Blue Jay
06-10-2003, 08:16
Great report, thank you. Sorry to hear that the corporations win yet again.