View Full Version : NJ prisoners recaptured

12-19-2006, 23:35
Mountainview Correctional Facility is located on Deckertown Turnpike about a half mile west of the AT crossing. Three prisoners escaped into the woods late Monday afternoon and were recaptured this morning. An extra 3-5 years for a night of December hiking in their T-shirts. I think their next cell will have real bars.


12-20-2006, 00:14
seems they were not adherents to LNT ...

... maybe the police followed the trail of snickers wrappers.

12-20-2006, 08:10
I have run into these "crews" several times while dayhiking and either getting into my car our leaving my car. There is a big van/bus that carries them around to do work.

The time I left my car, to go for a 5-5 mile DH (Near Catfish Fire tower Maint. Road), I quickly came back to it and decided to drive to another trailhead. I didn't feel comfortable leavng my car next to the van, even though there were corrections officers there. :-?