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06-10-2003, 18:22
Has anyone got a cross road or phone number for Woods Hole hostel (near Pearisburg VA) or phone # - have heard of it before but don't see any more specific references. Owner is Tillie Woods? Hoping to hike this weekend (6/14) so maybe the query comes too late. Appreciate any help anyone may provide.

Sky Rider

06-10-2003, 21:36
Woodshole is 0.5 miles east (right) from where the AT reaches Sugar Run Gap, about ten miles south of Pearisburg. There is an entry for Woodshole in the 2003 Thru-Hikers' Companion. I don't have a phone #.

06-11-2003, 07:33
Originally posted by celt
Woodshole is 0.5 miles east (right) from where the AT reaches Sugar Run Gap, about ten miles south of Pearisburg. I don't have a phone #. It is listed in the 2003 Thru-Hikers' Companion.

The 2003 Thru-Hiker's Handbook has the Woodshole Hostel number as 540-921-1655.

06-11-2003, 19:26
Thanks to both Celt and Youngblood. Appreciate the help!

Sky Rider

09-05-2005, 19:54
I had the good fortune to meet Tillie Woods, the 80+ year old proprietress of the Woods Hole Hostel. I was hiking south out of Pearisburg in late May 2005, so I didn't have the chance to stay there, but I heard great things about her hospitality from northbound thru-hikers. She was out for a day hike with two of her friends, walking slowly on the Trail around property on a beautiful late spring day. I knew enough about her that I thought it was probably her. We had a nice chat before I moved on.

Crash! Bang!
09-06-2005, 23:41
cool place. i could do without the window on the privy...........but cool place

09-06-2005, 23:58
cool place. i could do without the window on the privy...........but cool place
This was probably my favorite hostel along the way. The hammock and a cold Sprite really hit the spot.

Maybe y'all have heard this bit of trivia, maybe not: Tillie told me that the big stone fence around her property was mostly built by thru-hikers. As part of their 'chores,' she asked them each to get rock from somewhere in the woods and add it to the fence. I added a little stone when I was there to be part of the legacy. Each of those rocks represents a hiker, dating back to the 70s around when she started up. Pretty cool.

04-21-2008, 23:07
Does anybody know if Wood's Hole Hostel still exists -- 2008?

Woods Hole
05-12-2008, 15:24
Hi All,
I thought i would reply to the questions about Woods Hole. My name is Neville. I'm Tillie Woods grand daughter. She passed away this fall. I plan to run the hostel... following her legend. However, we are doing some crazy renovations right now.. so I am unable to officially OPEN the hostel for Spring 2008. I"ll be up there for 10 day in May and 10 days in June.. There are workers renovating.. so any hikers that wander in are welcome to camp for the night and get fresh water. THE amneties are NOT up to our standards right now due to renovations. My partner.. a former thru hiker from 2005.. Driftwood.. and I plan to move up there by 2009 or 2010 in order to run the hostel full time.. We are waiting for renovation completion and I am finishing a MAster's program in Dahlonega, GA (springer mountain)...

The Cabin opened in 1986 for thru hikers.. and around 1990.. I can't remember the year exactly HIKERs Began building a rock wall that surrounds the cabin.. This has grown into an OFFICIAL rock wall that is part of the renovation. So the rocks the HIKERS picked out will be there forever. I wish I could have made it this summer.. PLEASE pass the word along that the Hostel is in transition this year.
THanks to all... and HAPPY TRAILS.

05-12-2008, 21:31
So glad you're carrying on the tradition. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there and hope to hike through those parts again someday. My deepest sympathies for your loss. A loss for us all.

05-12-2008, 22:14
Thank you for everything!

05-06-2009, 07:27
I was up Sugar Run Gap Road ( Rt. 663) a few days ago on a very rainy weekend (may 2nd and 3rd). On our return to pick up the lead car, the Hostel had a few visitors and looked very inviting. From the road I could see a large barn type structure with a few sleeping bags hanging in the rafters and someone enjoying the large hammock out front.

05-06-2009, 10:13
Yes, Woods Hole hostel is open and the best way to contact them is to call. I emailed them from a link on their web site a few weeks ago to check on them but they do not have Inet service at the hostel. Neville replied a week later while in town and said they are open and running shuttles but make sure to call in place of email. We will prob set up a shuttle from them in a few weeks.

05-06-2009, 21:28

I loved my stay at Wood's Hole in 2000. I remember the breakfast bell ringing us awake at 7am, then again at 7:30, when we dashed out of the bunkhouse, so we wouldn't miss the meal. In my journal, I wrote:

Then I happily ate Tillie's eggs, sausage, grits and biscuits, as Tillie stood at my side and talked with the eight of us sitting at her dining room table. She told us about her son, who’s the mayor of Roswell, Georgia, the history of the house we were eating in, and the friendship quilt from the 1920's that hung on the wall next to the table. Tillie told us that she and her husband had rented this homestead for five dollars per year, and eventually bought it and 100 acres for three hundred dollars. There was a bunch of dead chestnut on the property, she said, which they then sold for $1400. There's a rock wall behind the bunkhouse that was built by hikers, stone-by-stone over the past five years. As "rent," we each have to place a rock on the wall."

*sigh* Feels like yesterday.

Pack Mule
05-27-2009, 02:19
All the current number for Wood's Hole Hostel is 540-921-3444. What I understand is that they will not have internet for a little while. They have been opened up since Mid-April '09. Neville and Michael have a great thing going on there. Stopping by for a night or at least a visit is a must do. Breakfast is great for $6 and if you are lucky they will throw your name in the pot for dinner. The first night is by donation only (best bunk house I've stayed in - big, good mattresses, fun common area) and $8 bucks a night after that or work-trade. if you are really sore from days of hiking both Neville and Michael are licensed massage therapists and will give you a rub down for a price. The long and the short is that this place will be a talked about spot on the trail in the future.