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12-21-2006, 16:04
Hey folks, I'm considering heading out to pick up the portions of the trail that I haven't done. Which is from Slasbury Conn to 100 or so miles north of Damascus. I've hiked in the South in early spring, but I'm curious about the snow accumulation in the Northeast should I decide to do this section SoBo. any information, opinions or insults are warmly welcomed. Be well!

Puck Fu

Old Grouse
12-21-2006, 16:31
The NY area usually doesn't get any serious snow until the end of February. Which is not to say you can't get a two foot storm before then. Just not as common.

Kevin A. Boyce
12-21-2006, 16:31
WC... When do you plan to start... If you were going to start soon, you would be in luck snow wise, as there isn't any... Depending on when you start, it can be tricky, I have hiked this area in early April in 60's and sun, but also was still ice climbing in the teens a few years back too...

Unless we start getting some of the white stuff, and a lot of it, things may go pretty smooth. There are a few low points in and around the Hudson Valley area that will hold snow for a bit into Spring, but nothing too major.

All that being said, you could step on the trail and have a blizzard in the Spring...

Look me up when you head this way...

12-21-2006, 16:52
Ask again before you start. No snow at all so far in Boston this year. 52 degrees as I type this. The Whites are tough hikin' in spring, but from Salisbury SOBO you're in much lower terrain, and lower lattitude also. Muddy trails and high water in the streams, but most of the snow will be melted off by early April (typically...)

12-22-2006, 13:30
Thanks folks. I haven't gotten all of my total travel plans together yet, but will check back for an update when I'm closer to a start date
After going through the Sierra this year, i doubt any AT snow will matter much one way or another... hehe.