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06-11-2003, 13:00
Having never hiked the lower states in early spring and understanding personal comfort is relative...I would like to know if the following would be "adequate" for a March 10-15th start and what kind of low temperatures are to be expected?

hennessy ultralight explorer hammock (more cold weather experimentation needed)
garlington "taco" insulator for hammock (soft tyvek, trash bags & emergency blanket)

western mountaineering ultralite bag (20* F) w/ silk liner
3/4 closed cell foam pad (possibly full length...after experimenting)

rain jacket and pants
mid weight base layer top and bottom
200 wt fleece jacket
wool/polyester hat
gore-tex mitten shells
fleece mitten liners
mesh lined shorts
socks (2 pairs)
sock liners (2 pairs)
low gaiters
synthetic tshirt
gore-tex full leather boots (trail runners in applicable terrain and weather)

Should I carry an extra base layer just for sleeping?


06-11-2003, 14:32
The weather in GA during March can go from single digets to highs in the 70's almost overnight.....this year on March 1ST & March 15th it was around 43 degrees in my tent and then it snowed on March 29th. Go to weather.com and do a search for Suches, GA and it will give you a detailed history.

Your gear list looks fine for a mid March start! I have not had any experience with the hammocks so I'm no help there. Only saw one or two at Hawk Mountain shelter on March 1st and March 15th. Many people stated theywere switching to them in a few weeks. Extra base layer is a preference to you.

06-12-2003, 10:16