View Full Version : I might thru hike in 2007

12-23-2006, 16:52
This could be the last time I can thru hike so I might grab the bull by the horns and do it.I might be able to get out of my lease,my social worker is working on it.and shes getting me a room to rent till hiking season.Im going to get in coverment housing and I wont be able to hike for five or six months.I really miss hiking and im going stircrazy waiting for the season to come around. so ill thru hike now then get my houseing.I now I can do it,its a hard treck,but I now I have it in me.Ive been out there three years in a row,but this year I got to do it. I know what its all about and I want it. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL HIKERS. sincerly underground.

little bear
12-23-2006, 16:55
congrats man I wish I could get out there this year with ya. Merry CHRISTmas to all.

Little Bear

Lone Wolf
12-23-2006, 20:07
When you starting? Would be good to see you. Look me up in Damascus if I don't see you in Georgia.