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Hammock Hanger
09-18-2002, 20:17
I wasn't aware that Weather Carrot or Rammbunny were hiking legends. (They definately are widely known thru out the hiking commuity.) I w have had the pleasure of hiking and sharing shelter time with both. BTW: Did ya know that Rambunny had to interupt her yoyo hike of 2002 due to Lyme Disease. I heard a statistic that 1 out of 6 hikers during the 2002 season was affected in some way by Lyme's. (It was hear say so I can not back up that number but having had the tick bite myself I can readily believe it.) Hammock Hanger

Former Admin
09-18-2002, 20:40
Hammock Hanger,

Being widely known makes people legends.

Your a legend yourself!:D I was reffering to them as hikers that have done multiple thru-hikes (more than 2). Yes I knew about Ram Bunnys aborted southbound hike, but now I think she has the womens record for thrus atleast the paper said it was record setting. I think 3 consecutive thru's qualifys her as a legend. I had been following her journey in the Indianapolis Star newspaper (friends of mine from Indy send me the clippings). The paper said she contracted Lymes in Pennsylvania.

I also met both this year, Ram Bunny in Fontana and Weather Carrot a few days later in the Smokys (great people).

09-19-2002, 12:14
ummm.... nimblewill nomad (sp)

Former Admin
09-19-2002, 12:33
Originally posted by Dirtyoldman
ummm.... nimblewill nomad (sp)

Yes he should be included also, but hey I just whipped that poll together with no thought at all in a couple minutes, maybe I should have been more thorough, oh well:D

Hammock Hanger
09-19-2002, 18:18
Hey I agree all those names on the list are definately very well known and could and should be trail legends. In fact I was very pleased to to see i know and have meet most. Rambunny is one hiking fool let me tell ya. Such a sweet, always upbeat and go go go. I find it interesting that the poll shows most would like to hike with Baltimore Jack. :) (Me a legend, :eek:!! Nay, just an old broken down hiker moseying along.) Hammock Hanger