View Full Version : Photos of Recycled for '06 PCT DVD

12-25-2006, 16:08
Howdy All!

I am looking for photos of Recycled, who hiked the AT a few years ago.

I am editing the Class of '06 Weathercarrot style DVD for the Pacific Crest Trail. Recycled passed away while on the PCT this year and I am going to have a memorial section on the DVD for Recycled and No-Way-Ray. So far I have no pictures of Recycled. Does anyone here have any photos they could send me?


12-25-2006, 19:09
Hi Ryan -

Nice to see you here on Whiteblaze, outside of your usual stomping grounds.......

12-26-2006, 16:10
Weathercarrot: Thanks! Now that I have the summers free to hike the I think my stomping grounds will grow to include the AT and CDT.

I subscribed to the AT email list, but have not been approved yet. Are you on that list? If I fall through the cracks on the approval process perhaps you could post my message to the email list?


08-08-2007, 17:02
I am desperately looking at the PCT DVDs to take some inspiration before (hopefully not too far from today) being able to hike it myself.

Is there a possibility to download the DVDs or would someone be so nice to make me copies? I would of course give you money for the DVD and shipping costs.

Thanks & have nice times on the trail,
François from Switzerland