View Full Version : Clothing/rain gear for late start

12-27-2006, 14:09
I will be starting a long section hike starting May 12 and ending around August 10, giving me a few weeks to recover before methods and student teaching. I plan on starting at Springer in Georgia. My question(s) is: what cold weather gear can I leave home? Is a long sleeved t-shirt enough for the chilly nights? And for rain gear, is a poncho enough?


12-27-2006, 14:25
A poncho should be more than enough for hiking, but I'd bring something more than just a long sleeve tshirt for in camp... it can still get cold at night up at high elevations in May.

12-29-2006, 22:47
We had nights in the 40s in early June in Georgia. It was warm enough in my sleeping bag, but it was pretty chilly in the morning. I had a thin synthetic vest, a light long sleeve zip-tee, and a light wind shirt, and it was barely enough.