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12-29-2006, 09:10
Here is a list of water sources in SNP


01-01-2007, 21:19
Good list!

08-09-2008, 22:37
How are the water sources in the park this summer? Anyone with first hand info?

08-10-2008, 00:07
Shenandoah National Park– North District Springs & Wells Map

Shenandoah National Park – Central District Springs & Wells Map

Shenandoah National Park – South District Springs & Wells Map

08-10-2008, 09:42
what i meant was: are they flowing?

08-10-2008, 10:01
AS of two weeks ago:
Tom Floyd Wayside - yes, but slow. It is nicely piped
Gravel Springs Hut - yes, but will have to scoop or pump. It is a little stream
Pass Mtn Hut - yes
Byrds Nest - go down road .3 of mile down 200 feet, but is a great running spring.
Rock Spring Hut - yes
BEar Fence Mtn - yes
HIgh top hut - yes, I filled up on top
PInefield Hut - iffy little muddy stream
Black rock Hut - yes, but slow stream
Calf Mtn - yes

I found it best to fill up at the picnic areas and Waysides.
no water between Blackrock and Calf Mtn

08-10-2008, 22:43
We've had very little rain the last month. In fact, basically none The sources will only get worse but you do have campgrounds, picnic areas and waysides to fill up at.

04-01-2009, 19:48
I returned from 2 days in SNP's Southern District. Camped on top of HighTop Mountain Monday night - a perfect setting! Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and my spares were all the wrong size.:o Only got one sunset photo.

Anyway, the spring on top of HighTop is lush and flowing - water tasted delicious.