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Grandma Dixie
12-30-2006, 18:28
Hello all,

I got a pair of Life Link Rainier trekking poles for christmas (last year- It's taken me a while to post this) and on the hikes I've taken them on, they dont seem to be super reliable. (about 2 collapses per day) also, the anti shock on one of them is, well a little bit retarded. Does anyone else have experience witht these poles? My buddy has a pair of leki's and they seem SO much nicer, the action (when being opened and closed) is way smoother, and the anti shock actuay works on both poles. I cant seem to bring myself to buy a new set of poles, (That would mean $100 bucks less for my thru next year) but if I have to, I will, because I dont want to be pole-less halfway through the trail.

Lone Wolf
12-30-2006, 18:30
You're 17. You can do without poles.

Grandma Dixie
12-30-2006, 19:04
I can, and I have, but they make it a much more enjoyable experience. (My knee's get sore too :))

mountain squid
12-30-2006, 20:30
I don't know anything about Life Link poles, but 2 collapses a day is not good. However, if you think you need a different pair, buy them before starting. It is easier to price shop on-line than it is at an outfitter that you walked to. Since there are more choices on-line, you might also look at Komperdells. I don't have the anti-shockers, so I don't know if they are worth it. As for me, I can't see myself adjusting them everytime I go up or down a mountain...

See you on the trail,
mt squid

12-30-2006, 22:47
I've never been very impressed with Life Link poles. 90% of the pole is fine but they skimped on the plastic expansion hardwear. Junk. Make sure you tighten the hell out of them. Some people are a little too nice to their poles at first.

I'd go to sierratradingpost.com and get some nice super light ski poles for $30. Less to break. You don't need shocks. No one does.
My $0.02

Grandma Dixie
12-30-2006, 23:16
I've come to the realization with these that anti-shock is just a gimmick that pole manufacturer's use to charge more for their goods. Besides, When you firmly plant a pole in the ground, it vibrates, absorbing the shock. Also, whats the point? Humans dont need a suspension system!

12-31-2006, 00:22
I am greatful i never bought into the anti-shock gimmick. I feel I have not this problem because I am smarter than this. I use carbon poles. they are very lightweight. What I enjoy about them the most is that I can expect the same results from my poles for each type of terrain simply becuase I know my poles and how they will perform under certain circumstance. I require hiking poles because of my knees. But!!!! I also understand that this devices also require something from me. hiking poles are not a 4x4 SUV with new tires that will allow you to climb trees while saftely in the leather seat. Don't think so much about a purchase. your idea that you think you need suspension tells me you have this problem. Buy a set of light poles and learn to understand them.

oh and thank someone for the gift too.

Grandma Dixie
12-31-2006, 00:32
I think you misunderstood me, I said we DONT need a suspension system. (Thats what knees are for!) And as to the person who gave me the gift, my grandmother, she's a saint. Its not her fault the product stinks

12-31-2006, 00:34
I must be sorry friend.

12-31-2006, 02:45
girl, you got LIFE-LINK!?! where are you from?

actually LL's rock! used them for many thousands of miles, but LL is a SAR pole that someone from the inside thought it would be great to make into a trekking pole. IT AINT! I used them in the outback because they (the SAR type) are indestructable. As for LD trekking poles, go with a more associated variety, like Lekki or Komperdell. If you have the trekking variety of LL's, they will work.

Grandma Dixie
01-01-2007, 10:45
Oh, and btw, I'm not a girl:p

01-01-2007, 11:53
REI Outlet has a set of Leki poles for $75 right now. I just bought a set of Black Diamond Contours at the REI in Chicago for $70 (gotta love a mother-in-law that gives your a REI giftcard for christmas) :) If you have an REI near you, you might want to stop and look. Their selection online is changing a little (you can't get the Contours online now.... just the comopact version), but alot of outfitters are having after christmas sales.