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12-31-2006, 14:00
Planning a section hike in early April in Northern Va. What can I expect as far as the the condition of Skyline Drive during that time? Is it usually open then, or is ice/snow common, thus closing sections of the road?

12-31-2006, 14:08
It should be open but since it's a long drive for you I would check their website first before leaving. There's a phone number on their site to call for updates. Call instead of relieing on the info on the website.

12-31-2006, 16:49
SNP will be open but there are no facilities or campgrounds open in the southern or northern sections of the park and the only water sources are the springs (except for Big Meadows in the central section which will be open and has running water). But we section hiked in April and it was great. Nice leafless views, pleasant weather. No ice or snow.

Tipi Walter
12-31-2006, 19:28
I hiked the AT thru there back in March of '88 and like Blissful said there wasn't anything open and the road was almost without traffic. It could have been closed for all I know. In fact, is the Skyline Drive ever completely closed? During the trip I hitched to Luray for food and caught a quick ride somewhere around Mary's Rock.

I had a great trip and though it was cold and windy at times I would return although the trail crosses and parallels the road frequently as you probably already know. My goal was Front Royal where I stopped at the public library for the day and then hiked out of town to a yoga retreat where I explored and found a fenced in zoological area with zebras and a giraffe or two. I camped nearby and close to the yoga center but it was weird walking thru the woods and seeing those African animals. Part of the DC zoo?

Since '88 tourism has exploded and I can't vouch for the tranquility of an April Shenandoah trip. Other Whiteblazers can offer more up to date opinions.

12-31-2006, 19:43
In fact, is the Skyline Drive ever completely closed?

It`s not completely closed no (Except for weather conditions maybe)..Right now you can only travel from the entrance at Rt 211 south to Big Meadows and you need to be out of the park by sunset..And has been said none of the usual park facilities are open..I believe that the park facilities in general and Skyline Drive as a whole doesn`t "reopen" until mid-April.....But the "average" high temps in that area in early April and usually in the mid-upper 60`s so I wouldn`t worry to much about ice/snow (but it`s not impossible