View Full Version : Rei Gossamer Jacket&sierra/designs Nebulon Jacket

12-31-2006, 23:01
Seen this jacket at a rei it sound like a warm jacket ONLY WEIGHT 16OZ.
Also look at Nebulon jacket 1lbs4oz.Just wonder if anyone has Thur-Hike with either one of these two jackets.And witch one would be best for the trail:confused:

The Band-aid Kid
01-17-2007, 23:58
I have a gossamer and really like it. Am intending to have mine in my pack when I start up Springer on April 1. Don't know the Nebulon so can't compare the two. The gossamer is synthetic fill but packs down pretty small (mid-size OR silnylon ditty sack) for an insulated jacket. It has a hood and full zip front, both of which I like although some don't. Matter of preference and does add a bit to its weight. My only question is whether it's too much insulation (wgt, actually) for a later start date - time will tell.