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Ankle Bone
06-19-2003, 15:01
Any help greatly appreciated---I am planning to do the Smokies as a section hike. What are all the regulations about shelter reservations? Can I tent camp? If I have to make shelter reservations, how far in advance?

06-19-2003, 15:36
If you stay on the AT, you must stay in a shelter. Call 865-436-1231. As far as I know, you can make reservations the same day you stay in the shelter.

manzana in NC

06-19-2003, 16:10
Within the Smokies you can camp only at designated camp sites or stay IN the shelters. Most of the camp sites require reservations just like the shelters.

If you start AND finish your trip OUTSIDE of the park's boundries, you are considered a thru-hiker. And do not need to make reservations at shelters/camp sites, but I think you still need to get a permit. As a "thru-hiker", you can setup camp outside/near the shelters along the AT if, and only if, the shelter is full.

Call the above number for details.

Ankle Bone
06-19-2003, 16:43
Thanks much! So, If I start at Fontana and finish at Davenport, am I a thru-hiker in the eyes of SMNP?

06-19-2003, 16:47
I believe that the regulation for being considered a Thru hiker in the Smokies is to start at least 50 miles before the park boundry and finish at least 50 miles beyound the park boundry. So, just going from Fontana to Davenport Gap doens't meet the requirement.

If you want to section hike the Smokies, then you need a reservation and permit, obtained from the Park Service. I'm sure that there are more information posted on the Park Service web page about this.

06-19-2003, 22:56
Reservations for the shelters and campsites can be made a month in advance. I was at Mt. Collins shelter a few weeks ago and it was near capacity.

Ankle Bone
06-20-2003, 10:39
Thanks all. Much appreciated!

10-05-2004, 07:50
NO its based on fifty miles either sife of the park