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06-22-2003, 01:22
I just wanted to say hello to all...I've been sea kayaking and hiking out west for the last couple of months and have missed the AT. Sea kayaked several places in the Chesapeake Bay and at Capers off of Charleston, hiked in Big Bend NP and Guadalupe Mtns NP but am back in the hills of TN for almost a month before Yellowstone and Grand Teton...next week we are doing Iron Mountain Gap to Carvers Gap (the Roan Groan). It will be my 5th time on this section and hopefully my daughter's first overnight section hike, and we will be accompanied by the beautiful hiker guru La Aqua Na'......Hope everyone here is doing well in all their pursuits!
Simva the Medican Man

06-22-2003, 13:02
Welcome back. Sounds like a great time

06-23-2003, 11:31
I'd love to hear a trail report on your Iron Mountain to Carvers trip (partucularly how the high country temperatures were, and how well the springs are running) My section hike from Indian Grave Gap to US19E starts in just a few weeks :eek:

06-23-2003, 22:35
I will post a report next week when we get back...yesterday it was 51 degrees in Bristol when I woke up...today when I got off work it was 72 degrees and with expected highs this Wednesday of 93 (ouch with our humidity!) but I am going to try to push our group to Roan High Knob for a night at the AT's highest shelter-we wont use it though since we all have hammocks...so at 6200ish feet it should cool off for sleep....Simva