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06-22-2003, 01:38
We love the AT but believe it or not there is a little more out there and our National Park system is one of them. Just as I dream of section hiking the whole AT I also dream of hiking or paddling in all of our NP's and last week we spent several incredible days in Big Bend and Guadalupe NP's...if you have mostly focused your hikes on the AT you would be amazed at the drastic difference it is to hike in the southwest, you would be equally amazed at the diversity of plants and life there. We discovered that in Big Bend alone there are over 300 more plant species than in Rocky Mtn National Park! The temperatures are as stunning, one day we found it to be 102 in the shade...but after flying back into Knoxville we saw that 71 degrees and 90 percent humidity is far more opressive! Our big hikes include the 3000 foot ascent of Guadalupe Peak, and the 2400 foot climb up Emory Peak, each the high point in their respective park. As we hiked we couldnt help but notice the 'Lion Warning' signs posted all over Big Bend-all because of an attack 2 weeks prior to our visit-we were not lucky enough to see a lion, nor a bear for that matter but even more depressing was the fact that in all of our big and little hikes out there we also saw no snakes or scorpions :(
Since this was a National Park pursuit trip we also squeezed in Carlsbad Caverns and the White Sands National Monument-each awesome in their own way.
If you havent tried the National Park system on stop and think about what they have to offer--dont get hung up on the potential crowds you might find in Yellowstone or the Great Smokies...we saw really few hords at all in Big Bend-but then again we decided to put up with heat instead of tourists.
New food tried: chia seeds, used by the native indians for years to absorb and slowly release water in the gut-also full of the essential fatty acids....search for them and study the seed a bit and you may give them at try on the AT.....
Simva the Medicine Man

06-23-2003, 00:00
Gotta agree that our NPs rock here in the US. Spent 2 weeks hiking in Big Bend once, beautiful country with amazing star views!

One problem to be aware of for some folks: No Dogs Allowed when it comes to National Park System. :(