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09-20-2002, 15:15
Has anyone out there made Pemmican? If so, how well did it keep in practice? How did you store it while hiking? Favorite recipe? I really like my homemade jerky and Pemmican is a natural progression for power food.

05-08-2003, 13:42
Relatively new to the forum so I'm reviving this thread.
Made both kinds of pemican this winter.
the dry variey is great in warmer weather as it stores much like any other dry meat or jerky. Made mine with venison and cranberries.

The other version is much like a ball of lard infused with the fruit and meat. I use this on winter outings as it is easier to keep in the cold and it adds calories and all to the diet on a cold night.

I take a chunk of it and make a quick soup and eat it with Bannock before bedding down.