View Full Version : For those blogging on trail

01-08-2007, 14:06
Or in towns through a mobile device.

I've found that myOpera.com seems to have the easiest site from witch to post using a mobile device. At least for me. With my verizon account I can send emails with attachments to an address provided by them (Opera) and it will post the photo attachment along with the accompanying text. Other sights like Blogger.com offer similar services but won't allow true email with attachments. The photos must be sent using MMS which depending on your service might as for an additional charge. If i was willing to fork out more money for a high acount of MMS this might not be an issue. But myOpera seems to be the cheapest simplest solution. If only TrailJournals had this ability...

My main reason for not going with TrailJournals is because family and friends and my wifes school are following us through the trail. We'll want to keep it as up to date as possible. If anyone knows of any other services to check out please post.


(I'm no way affiliated with Opera or myOpera)