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01-08-2007, 23:04
I was telling someone about the hostel about 12 miles (South) from Pearisburg, Va. Was it Woods Hole? It was ran by a real nice ederly woman with a house separate from the hostel. What was her name?

Lone Wolf
01-08-2007, 23:06
tille woods

Lone Wolf
01-08-2007, 23:07
make that tillie woods

01-08-2007, 23:11
Thanks, maybe a better question. Do you know the road I need to take to get there from Pearisburg. I'll be runnin 219 south into Rich Creek then taking a left on 460 towards Pearisburg. Where to from there?

Lone Wolf
01-08-2007, 23:15
It's on VA 633, Sugar Run Rd. which I think is off VA 42 south of Pearisburg.

01-08-2007, 23:16
Bloodroot, if you use the search feature here you should find some recent articles about Tillie and her Grand Daughter who will be taking over the duties of the Woods Hole. I'm sure you can get directions from just about anyone in PB.

08-10-2013, 12:22
https://www.facebook.com/events/1407476446132118/permalink/1407517069461389/?comment_id=1407520409461055&offset=0&total_comments=3&notif_t=plan_mall_activity This in an old thread about Woods Hostel, I know.............................................. .................................................. .................................................. ......................................... But this is the latest about what's going on there. I told them I would share this on here. :) My paragraph key won't work.. sorry.

Deer Hunter
08-10-2013, 12:25
Thanks, maybe a better question. Do you know the road I need to take to get there from Pearisburg. I'll be runnin 219 south into Rich Creek then taking a left on 460 towards Pearisburg. Where to from there?


Edit: Just realized this was an old thread. Wasn't paying attention. Still, for those needing directions now................

08-10-2013, 12:28

08-10-2013, 13:59
It's now run by a young couple.

08-10-2013, 14:27
It's now run by a young couple.

That's right DB...

Check out my post #7... that's what I was hoping everyone would notice. Click on the link to their FB page... they have some NEW things happening.... I love that place too!! :)

Deer Hunter
08-19-2013, 10:13

PEARISBURG - Michael Lasecki is hoping for a bit of trail magic to help the venerable Wood's Hole hostel meet its newest challenge.
"We've found that usually, help arrives," he said Sunday, watching long-horned, shaggy-headed Highland cattle grazing across a misty stretch of sloping pasture.
Long a beloved oasis for Appalachian Trail through-hikers, Wood's Hole has in recent years also become a working farm and a retreat specializing in massage therapy and yoga.
Now Lasecki and his wife Neville Harris , the granddaughter of hostel founders Roy and Tillie Wood, are about to add bed and breakfast to the list of Wood's Hole enterprises.
That's where the trail magic ­- a hiker's term for an unexpected bit of luck or generosity ­- comes in.
The last requirement that Lasecki and Harris must complete before their bed and breakfast is fully permitted is a new septic field that the health department has required them to install.
As the couple considered how to clear trees from the spot where a soil scientist said the septic field should be placed, Appalachian Power Co. crews arrived to trim along a power line cut ­- which happened to be in the same spot, Lasecki said. Then a few hikers arrived, and in exchange for staying a few days at the hostel, pitched in to cut up and move the felled tree trunks and clear the branches.
Now Lasecki and Harris hope an online fund raising campaign will help cover the expected $17,000 cost of tanks, seven 100-foot distribution lines, an upgrade to the hostel's outdoor shower and bathroom facility, and all the associated excavation.
With the campaign recently begun, about $2,800 has come in through the hostel's web site, www.woodsholehostel.com , Lasecki said. Hikers and former hostel and retreat guests are passing links around on Facebook and other social media to rally support and "pay it forward" so that rates don't rise for future hikers, he said.
Work on the new septic field is to begin this week. Depending how many rocks are encountered ­- the hostel's chestnut-log buildings are surrounded by stone walls and occasional boulders the size of minivans ­­- it probably will take a week or so to finish, Lasecki said.
Whatever amount of the project is financed through a bank will have to be paid back by raising rates for guests, including the present $10 nightly charge for hikers' lodging and communal meals, Lasecki said.
But donations likely will cover much of the project, Lasecki said.
Such trail magic has long been part of the Wood's Hole story. Harris' grandparents first came to the cabin at Wood's Hole as newlyweds in 1940 so Roy Wood, a wildlife conservation graduate student at Virginia Tech, could study a herd of elk there. Years later, the couple bought 100 acres around the cabin, bordered on three sides by the Jefferson National Forest.
In 1986, a year before Wood died, they opened a hostel for the Appalachian Trail hikers who began to appear after the trail was rerouted closer to the Woods' property.
Now Lasecki and Harris own and operate the hostel, along with associated cattle-, goat-, pig-, and poultry-raising, bee-keeping, and other enterprises.
"We like to say we're more of a lifestyle B&B," Lasecki said, grinning, "rather than just a destination."


Del Q
08-19-2013, 22:19
Woods Hole is awesome..............Tillie would be proud of what they have done with the place.

.......just heard today on Google Alerts that they are raising money for some upgrades, will be calling them tomorrow and sending a check in the next few weeks when I get paid.