View Full Version : News of 'Apple' ??

Kaptain Kangaroo
01-09-2007, 20:58
In early March 2006 a guy called Apple was doing some super trail magic at Burningtown Gap. He said that he was planning on starting a thru hike in April. He was a great guy & I have been wondering how his hike went. Does anyone know ???


kaptain kangaroo

02-06-2007, 21:11
Wondering the same...


02-06-2007, 22:19

Team Steve

02-07-2007, 10:19
Looks like this thread just got hijacked. Where is pinky?


02-07-2007, 10:32
I think Apple ending up doing trail magic last year. I also had the pleasure of meeting him at Burningtown Gap and later on read in TJ that someone met him farther north, perhaps in Tennessee. We've exchanged a couple of emails over the last few months and he was the one who told me that they were putting in a new shelter near the tower on Wayah. From his description I assume that it must be near Winespring. Apple mentioned that he was going to be doing trail magic again this year and if he's not already will probably be set up somewhere along the trail soon.