View Full Version : ATC Conference in July

06-25-2003, 10:55
Not being much into groups, I wasn't planning on attending the ATC Meeting in NH next month. Now, my wife got wind of it when we had a chance meeting with a thru-hiker (Greenfoot '99) while out birdwatching.

I am on the fence on whether to go or not, but now understand that if we are to go, registration needs to be postmarked by next Monday. Anyone going or have thoughts on the fun factor? We would not know anyone there. How about regarding tenting options and signing up for meals in advance?

I hate planning, and am just looking for someone besides my wife to tell me I'd be an idiot for not sending in my check in the next couple days, I suppose.

Rick B

06-25-2003, 12:50
I'm going, though I've never been to one before and therefore can't tell you what it's like. I've heard from someone I know on the ATC board who was at Waterville a couple weeks ago for a planning meeting that 1000 people are signed up. Go to www.atc2003.org and checkout all the workshops, hikes, excursions, and entertainment. You'll surely find many things to keep you interested. I'll be staying at the group campground and fixing my own dinners and breakfasts there. Only signed up for lunches to avoid a trip back to the campground in mid-day. Mabye we need a meeting time/place for whiteblazers so some of us can get to know each other.