View Full Version : I hope I got everything, You all think a 35* bag with a 15* liner be enough?

01-11-2007, 12:25
:banana Im hoping I did'nt forget anything. Im also thinking of bringing the 10* bag but im not sure.

Thru Hike Gear List
Im not sure what pack to use though…Gregory titian 5lbs 2 ounces(its really comfortable…be great to hold 7 days of food) Gregory Z pack (but its uncomfortable when I need to pack extra food)
Sleeping Bag(EMS 35* bag) 1lb 6ounces
Sleeping bag liner(adds 15* for them cold nights) 2ounces
Therma rest pro light 3 13 ounces
Vargo titanium pot 2 ounces
Vargo titanium spork .5 ounce
Vargo titanium Alcohol stove .5 ounce
Titanium cup 1 ounce
MSR water filter with maintainer kit 13 ounces
Tent (big Agnes seed house sl) 2lbs 6ounces
Rain gear 22 ounces
2 extra under armor draws 2 ounces
2 extra sock liners 1.5 ounces
2 extra smart wools 3 ounces
1 pair of under armor hiking shorts 1 ounce
1 tank top for the hot days 2 ounces
1 set of EMS vapor wick to wear at night 17 ounces
Or really cold days
Water proof gloves .75 ounce
Water bag for camp and camel bag for hiking 2 ounces
Wool hat 2 ounces
Fleece jacket 7 ounces
Camp shoes 4 ounces
Extra stuff sacks .5 ounce
2 trash bags and 3 freezer bags .5 ounce
Wallet/ atm card and a little bit of money 2 ounces
Bag of junk/extra stuff…Batteries, chopstick,
foot cream(might get a little fungus growing)
hand sanitizer, ect….. 7 ounces

Grooming kit…toothbrush and paste, pack
towel, wash cloth, deodorant, soap,
shampoo, nail clippers, razor, and mirror 12 ounces
10 lbs 10.75 ounces just gear
5 lbs 2 ounces for pack 15 lbs 12.75 ounces

Things that I will wear and carry

1 pair of pants
1 fleece shirt
1 pair of under armor draws
One fleece vest(if its chilly)
Socks and liners(smart wool)
MP3 player with fm radio that uses 1AAA battery
Digital camera
First aid kit(hooked on belt pad)
Duck tape wrapped around my poles

Useful things to have that I might buy to take
I don’t know the weight yet

Extra Cell phone batteries
Extra camera batteries
Camera charger(battery is good for 250 pics)
Extra XD memory

mountain squid
01-11-2007, 12:37
Hmmmm, How many times are you gonna post this?

Anyway, a quick copy and paste...

Doesn't look too bad, but you seem to be missing some vitals:

Don't see any fuel for that stove. Add 10-20 oz for that. Bear bag rope? Light source? What about Companion/data book/Wingfoot/maps? Any T-shirts? Initially, your arms will likely get burned in a tank top.

Wondering about that liner, also. 2oz and +15 degrees?!? Waterproof gloves at .75oz?!?

Lose the deodorant, razor, clippers (if knife has scissors). Take some Dr Bronners instead of shampoo/soap.

You have a fleece jacket, vest and shirt. That might be a little much. The fleece shirt and vest will also be carried on warm days. Add all that extra stuff, plus food and water and you are looking at between 35 and 40 pounds. As far food goes 3-5 days worth is usually enough.

Are you going to carry an extra cell phone battery, but not a cell phone (don't see it on the list)? Consider "bouncing" the camera charger.

See you on the trail,
mt squid