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06-27-2003, 19:19
Hey all!

There's a new outfitter in Town! Town of Front Royal, VA that is.

Weasel Creek Outfitters
433 South Street
Front Royal, VA 22630
[email protected]
Brandon and Wendy McCrary, Owners

Good selection of gear and clothes. Hiker Box. Very Hiker Friendly!
Check them out if you're in town.

Jack Tarlin
07-07-2003, 18:07
Sorry I didn't get the chance to visit this place, it sounds fine. Just wanted to remind folks that there's also a great Outfitter just yards off the Trail in Harper's Ferry. Tho not a great big store, it is extremely well-stocked, especially as regards items geared towards thru-hikers. The staff is friendly and efficient and you'll more than likely be helped by Laura or Ron, the owners.

In my opinion, along with Bluff Mtn. in Hot Springs, the Outfitter at Harper's Ferry is the most thru-hiker oriented and thru-hiker friendly gear store on the Trail; these are great folks and deserve our patronage and support.

Boo Boo
10-21-2004, 15:03
So Baltimore Jack, how much were you "reimbursed" to advertise Harpers Ferry Outfitters? I'm sure you're only speaking from your own perspective, but it should be noted that you do work there on occasion, as with Bluff Mountain in Hot Springs, NC.

I personally visited HFO, and yes it was a friendly, well stocked shop. It's also 53.9 trail miles away from Front Royal, VA. For a hiker who has just finished hiking out of Shenandoah National Park, with it's overpriced, limited hiker supply, Weasel Creek Outfitters is a welcomed shop for thruhikers.

For the record, yes I have stayed with the owners, Brandon and Wendy. They are friendly and hospitable towards hikers. Even though Brandon is an outfitter, I do consider him a friend. Oh, and I didn't get paid to say that.

-Boo Boo GA=>ME=>?? '04

Jack Tarlin
10-21-2004, 16:57
What the hell is YOUR problem, pal?

I have no doubt whatsoever Weasel Creek is a "welcomed shop for thruhikers." What ever made you think I thought otherwise? The first thing I said about the Front Royal store in my post above was complimentary.....that I've heard good things about the place.

(It could also be argued that the person who started this thread is a good friend of the owners of the Front Royal store, but who cares?)

Please note also, jerk, that my above post was dated July of 2003. While I've hung around the Outfitter at Harper's Ferry for years, I was never an actual employee until May of this year, i.e. a year after I first put in this "plug" that you evidently find so objectionable.

But since you're wondering.....No, I don't get re-imbursed for "advertising" or mentioning places. Ever. And yeah, I've worked at a few outfitters on or near the Trail, including Harper's Ferry, Hot Springs, and Hanover. It's no accident that I only accepted employment at reputable shops; I had no interest in working for second-rate establishments.

So thanks for your snotty comment and letting us know you didn't get paid to say it. Just like I'm not getting paid to say this:

You're a jerk.

Boo Boo
10-21-2004, 18:45
I really don't have a problem. I guess it's because I don't take threads personally.

This thread was started as a word-of-mouth (or keyboard) approach to enlightening those looking for services in Front Royal, VA. For as long as some can rememember, there was an outfitter available in this community, and I'm sure a few thruhikers would be interested to know one has opened up.

It is quite a stretch from Waynesboro, VA from a reputable outfitter. Rockfish Gap Outfitters is a great little store that provide excellent warranty service, but albeit they are located in Waynesboro. Front Royal is the first community you hit once leaving Shenandoah National Park northbound. Front Royal is used greatly as a resupply point, or even a place for a zero day. So I'm sure folks would like to know where a decent outfitter is. Hence PushingDaisies post.

Now, I'm sure it's good to "remind folks" of an outfitter in Harpers Ferry that's "just yards off" the trail. I think that information would best posted in a thread concerning Harpers Ferry, not Front Royal. If I have an issue with gear, I'd like to know of an outfitter that's close by, not one up the trail by 50 or so miles. Not splitting hairs, but The Outfitter at Harpers Ferry is about 140 yards off the trail.

Yes, I did forget to mention that the original poster of this thread is indeed a good friend of the outfitter. I apologize.

I'm sure it's no accident that you accept employment at reputable shops. I'm sure the in the eight or so years of your AT experience you have come to befriend a few outfitters. Thatdoesn't mean that the rest of the outfitters are second rate.

You have answered the question of whether or not you have been reimbursed for advertising certain establishments. I appreciate your timely response to the question. The fact that you have stooped to the level of name calling indicative of how well you confront differences of opinion.

If you have anything to say about how I post information, whether I'm snooty, even being a jerk, just email me directly. I think that conversation is best handled on a one to one basis, and not in a public forum.

Lastly, I would like to personally apologize to The Outfitter at Harpers Ferry, Rockfosh Gap Outfitters, and Weasel Creek Outfitters. I hate to see reputable businesses getting caught up in a childish pissing contest.

-Boo Boo GA=>ME=>?? '04

Lone Wolf
10-21-2004, 18:53
You will be banished and sent to the dog house with Unk Johnny, Warren and others that Jack dislikes. :D

Jack Tarlin
10-21-2004, 19:11
If you don't want to be responded to on a public forum, then don't contribute to one. And if you're going to spout nonsense and falsehoods on a public board, then it's a little presumptuous of you to demand "private" replies.

It was YOU who decided to comment on a thread that's a year old, not me.

And if I resorted to calling you names, it was because at the time, it seemed deserved. You accused me of plugging places for money, which is patently false. You then implied that I feel that some trail businesses----like Weasel Creek---are second rate. Nowehere in any of my posts have I said or implied this; I generally refrain from commenting on places I don't have personal knowldge of. I have nothing either for or against Weasel Creek, other than I've generaly heard positive things about them. Which I earlier stated.

Lastly, you bemoan that this has begun to turn into a "childish pissing contest."

Yup. And you started it. Sorry if you don't like the result. And sorry if you wished I'd responded in private. If you slam me on a public forum, then that's where you're going to get a reply. Deal with it.

And finally, you don't seem to care how I handle "differences of opinion." Well, here's more news. I could not care less what you think of this. I didn't much care for your post or what you accused me of, and I don't tolerate fools well. You weren't stating a "different opinon." You were stating stuff about me that was patently untrue, and I didn't appreciate it.

Any more year old threads you wanna chime in on or resurrect? If so, please include me out. I really have better things to spend my time on than this nonsense.

Boo Boo
10-22-2004, 17:29
I think this thread has gone above and beyond a simple posting about a decent shop in Front Royal.

I could sit here and take each individual statement, show you the contrary, and keep this thread going on in this manner. But I will not. I think anyone with any common sense can see where you have misconstrued, twisted, and take statements out of context. There's no need to point out the obvious.

I will say a few other things though. Yes, it would have been better to have approached this thread with a more mild temperament. I think both of us could have approached this thread with greater maturity.

So, until there is more to be said about the services in or around Front Royal, VA particularly (which is what this forum is about), I have nothing else to say in this thread.

-Boo Boo GA=>ME=>?? '04

Cedar Tree
10-22-2004, 20:11
Very funny snippet Lone Wolf.

10-23-2004, 02:28
Have they informed ALDHA, so that the new companion will relfect the addition

12-29-2004, 15:26
Hey Jack,

Your check went out last week !


Jack Tarlin
12-29-2004, 17:10
Now THAT'S pretty damned funny!!

'Cept I still haven't received it yet!

12-30-2004, 09:57
the only outfitters i have stopped at on the AT is mountain crossing at walasi-y

you cant miss this one lol.bluff mountain,daniel ran a couple shuttles for me here,the outfitter at rockfish gap,my favorite as far as being unusaul is the outfitter in harpers ferry,i stoped at a new one in front royal va,the greatful green peace guy took me there.one in port clinton,one in delaware water he caters to paddlers also.:sun neo

SGT Rock
12-30-2004, 10:02
Can't miss the NOC or the outfitters in Damascus, both are also right beside the trail. There are probably some others as well I am forgetting. I don't think mentioning any of them constitutes supporting one over the other, just mentioning where they are in case a newbie needs to know. On the other hand if I told ya'll Earth Traverse in Knoxville sucks and you ought to go to Little River Outfitters in Maryville, then that could be construed as supporting one over the other. When do I get paid?

12-30-2004, 11:42

12-30-2004, 11:43
yeah stayed at daves place to:sun neo

01-07-2005, 20:52
we are hiking from rock fish to front royal,is there any parking at the weaselcreek outfitters.and do they do shuttles to rock fish,we are looking for a ride to rock fish in may,also we need info on that part of trail,all hikers are welcomed to come with us :sun nthanks trail rat

Mountain Dew
01-08-2005, 01:19
All do respect to Mount Rogers Outfitters, BUT...my favorite outfitter on the A.T. is The Outfitters at Harpers Ferry owned by Chore Boy and Cootie Queen. Yes, I do work at an outfitters as well, but not on the A.T.