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06-28-2003, 21:20
It has been a while since my last update, but I am safe and
sound in South Lake Tahoe, 1087 miles and 51 days into my hike. I finished SoCal with a bang, ripping across the unbelievably beatiful Mojave and into the Sierra. Caught the main pack of hikers at the start of the Sierra and now I am all alone. Mostly, at least. There are about 10 hikers in front of me right now, and a bunch behind. Lots of snow in the Sierra, which made things hard and spectacular. Heavy snowmelt made the rivers rage, enough to destroy a pair of my pants. Naked fords in ice cold water are a bit less than pleasant. The weather has been good, with only 5 minutes of rain in the desert and a snow storm on June 23rd. Unfortunately, it hit with thunder and lightning as I was going up an 11,000 ft pass in Yosemite. Other than that, blue skies all day. I don't think I've seen any more gorgeous scenery than I have over the past few weeks. Anywhere. The sureality of the Mojave, the soul lifting sights of the Big Horn plateau, the terror and peace of Sonora Pass. The PCT rocks!

Time for food at the AYCE casinoes just over the Nevada line. Perhaps some dancing girls and cards. But, since I am planning to eat approximately 15 pounds of steak and shrimp, I may not be able to do much more than roll out of Harrah's in a rentable wheelchair. More in a few weeks and 700 miles when I get to Oregon.

06-29-2003, 22:56
Great to hear from you!! Sounds like you are having a great trip...I would like to join you for the steak and shrimp even though I'm not hiking ....continue having a great trip!!