View Full Version : System Crash

07-02-2003, 20:52
Ok. I will fess up to it. I am the reason why the site was down all last night and today. I backed up the system last night and forgot to change the permissions back. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I know what I did wrong and it was totally my fault. I will know not to do it again though.

AT Troll

07-02-2003, 21:04

Of course, I have never done anything like this. :D

07-02-2003, 22:12
Well at least you had everything backed up!!LOL Glad to see it back up and running ! Had me concerned fer awhile! Dixicritter had pretty much the same thing happen(I guess thats what happened) just the night before this one went up. Had me lookin outside fer a fool moon!!! LOL Streamweaver

07-03-2003, 09:13
Backup?? You mean I should be backing up SGT Rock's site?? LOL

Actually ours went down over some sort of data base error. Gosh those Tech Support guys were really nice to help me fix it.

Streamweaver, I wouldn't rule out that full moon theory if I were you. ;) :D